Flávio Adonis – Beijo De Bailarina

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Used LP 1992

Disc:VG+ (good shape, feel slight surface noise at mainly silent part)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear, not bad condition as latin sleeve)

Brazilian private puece in 1992 by Brazilian guitarist Flávio Adonis, who appears to be a musician from the Porto Alegre area of southern Brazil. The compositions are interesting, with a sense of freedom in their musical outlook while exuding the sophistication typical of this era. Besides the warm and smooth Brazilian groove of A5 "Mar Dos Moinhos," A6 "Olá, Tudo Bem?" and B2 "Das Coisas Que Não Sei," the synth-pop style A1/B4 and blues-rock A3 are also unique. Experimental/avant-garde musicians such as Monica Tomasi participate in.

ブラジル南部ポルト・アレグレ周辺のミュージシャンと思われるブラジル人ギタリストFlávio Adonisによる92年に自主製作盤。この時代らしい洗練を漂わせながらも自由な音楽観を感じさせる面白い楽曲構成。ブラジルらしい温もりをもったグルーヴのA5”Mar Dos Moinhos”、A6”Olá, Tudo Bem?”、B2”Das Coisas Que Não Sei”以外にもシンセポップ調のA1/B4、ブルースロックのようなA3などもユニーク。Monica Tomasiなどエクスペリメンタル/アヴァン系に精通するミュージシャンが参加しています。

A1 - Fé E Fome

A3 - Inocência Blues

A5 - Mar Dos Moinhos

A6 - Olá, Tudo Bem?

B2 - Das Coisas Que Não Sei

B4 - Borboletas Sobre Meu Piano