Fiona Joyce – Long Road To Travel / Playing For Time

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Label:River Valley Records – RV2


Used 7" 1991

Disc:VG+ (slight surface noise at quiet part not serious, good shape overall)

Jacket:VG+ (slight wear, good condition overall)

Fiona Joyce, a lone singer-songwriter born in Ireland, with a voice that breathes life into Celtic mysticism. This 7inch release features two tracks from her 1991 first album, "Behind Closed Doors," which is renowned as a masterpiece. "Long Road To Travel” is an enchanting great song that combines a penetrating voice, sensual mood, and backing by top Irish musicians as seen in the flutes and blazing guitars. The organic folk rock "Playing For Time" on the B-side is not bad either. The artwork, which seems to express the world view more than the album is also impressive. It's considered to be rarer than the album. Released from her own private label, River Valley Records.

ケルトの神秘主義に生命を吹き込んだような歌声を持つアイルランドが生んだ孤高のSSW Fiona Joyce。本作は傑作として名高い91年のファーストアルバム”Behind Closed Doors”から2曲を抜粋した7インチ盤。なんといっても染み入る声、官能的なムード、フルートや燃え上がるようなギターはじめアイリッシュ・シーンのトップ・ミュージシャン達によるバッキングが一体となった”Long Road To Travel”がうっとりする名曲。B面の有機的フォークロック"Playing For Time"も悪くないです。さらに世界観を表したようなアートワークも素敵。彼女自身のプライベートレーベルRiver Valley Recordsからのリリース。

A - Long Road To Travel

B - Playing For Time