Fernando Muzzi – Corpos

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Label:Not On Label – 201.226


Used LP 1993

Disc:VG+ (totally good shape, only feel slight surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wrinkles, autographed by artist, not bad condition) w/insert

A self-released work in 1993 by composer/guitarist Fernando Muzzi from Belo Horizonte. Apparently, he has worked on theatrical and movie soundtracks and has been nominated for awards, so he is completely unknown, but it seems that he has built a career as a musician even after this work. Just by listening to the ballad song at the beginning, you can see quality musical sense, it also includes a wide range of tracks from samba to MPB. The well-crafted composition is also very likable. Produced by Juarez Moreira, known for his work on Bemol, and backed by Ezequiel Lima, Esdra Ferreira, Serginho Silva, and other talented musicians from the Minas area. This is a hidden great piece of Minas.

ベロオリゾンテ出身の作曲家/ギタリストFernando Muzziの93年のセルフリリース作品。どうやら演劇や映画のサウンドトラックなども手掛け、アワードにもノミネートされるなど全くの無名ですが本作以降も音楽家としてのキャリアを築いている人物のようです。冒頭のバラード曲を聞いただけで音楽センスの高さがわかりますが、サンバ、MPBまで幅広く収録。よく練られたコンポジションも非常に好感が持てます。Bemolからの改作でも知られるJuarez Moreiraがプロデュース、Ezequiel Lima,Esdra Ferreira,Serginho Silvaなどミナス界隈の実力派がバックを務めています。完成されたミナスの隠れ極上盤。

A1 - São Thomé Das Letras

A2 - Poesia E Guerra

A3 - Corpos

A5 - Canto Do Apaixonado

B1 - Mim Ser Músico Noturno

B4 - Princesa De Verão