Fairuz – La Gardienne Des Clés Volume 1

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Label:Voix De L'Orient – GVDL 43


Used LP 1971

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight wear/wrinkle, totally good condition)

1971 piece by Fairuz, the national singer of Lebanon in the Middle East. She has a huge catalog of over 1500 songs, and this is a live recording from a series titled "Voices of the East", supervised in Greece. It starts with connected A1/A2 tunes, sung with characteristics groove, B3 a mysterious melody and chorus intersect, B2 with magico traditional folk groove, it's a live recording, but it's a solid listen. The band's performance level is also quite high. This is a repress from 1971, which has also become rare.


A1 - المقدمة الموسيقية

A2 - الارادة الملكية

A4 - مولانا الملك

B2 - طلع القم

B3 - لوز لوز 

B5 - يا اخوان

It's hard to judge between songs, and most of the song parts are recorded, but the song titles may be wrong.