Fairouz - Maarifti Feek

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Label:Relax-In – LP-REL 14


Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel slight surface noise at some parts)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears/stains, not bad condition)

True masterpiece by Lebanese diva Fairouz, who has been active for more than half a century and represents Arab scene. Produced by her own son, Ziad Rahbani, who has produced great pieces himself, the composing/mixing is a sublimation of Arabic tradition and modernity. The album includes sophisticated jazz and funk orchestrations B2/A2/B4 with synth effect, two mellow bossa type tunes "Version I" and "Version II", new age feel ballad "Ma Kdirt Nseet", and moody Arabic song "Khaleek Bil Beit". A group of atypical and miraculous tunes that seem to make the most of her singing voice. Fantastic from start to finish. Original!

半世紀以上に渡り活動するアラブ歌謡を代表するレバノンの歌姫Fairouzの87年の超名作。プロデュースを自身でも傑作を多数残し、実の息子であるZiad Rahbaniがアラブの伝統とモダンを昇華させたようなコンポージング/ミックスを手掛けています。シンセの効いた洗練されたジャズとファンクのオーケストレーションB2/A2/B4をはじめ、メロウボッサ調”Version I”,”Version II”の両曲、ニューエイジ雰囲気のバラード曲”Ma Kdirt Nseet”、ムード歌謡”Khaleek Bil Beit”など彼女の歌声を最大に活かしたような異形かつ奇跡のような楽曲群。もうたまりません。オリジナルです。

A2 - Ouverture 83

A3 - Version I

A4 - Rah Nibka Sawa

B2 - Antoura

B3 - Ma Kdirt Nseet

B4 - Oudak Rannan