Everything Play – Posh

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Label:Koh Hak/Crown – RWP-7


Used LP 1988 Promo

Disc:VG+/EX (great shape)

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The second album recorded in 1988 by Everything Play, a stateless exotic pop unit formed by musician Soichiro Suzuki after World Standard. Following the first album, which pushed out soft rock, this album is an all-out attempt at an exotic sound. It's called a mood music of the 90's that goes beyond the 80's, a combination of Asian music including Thai music, which was the inspiration for the album, quest for exotica, love of music, and the foresight to look ahead to the future. Enjoy a dazzling journey through the world of music. This is one album that has had a great influence on us as well. It comes extremely rare promo only 1988 copy that rumor has it that there are only a few dozen copies in existence. Don't miss it!

音楽家 鈴木惣一朗がWorld Standardに続いて結成した無国籍エキゾポップスユニットEverything Playのセカンドアルバム。ソフトロックを押し出した1作目に続き、真正面からエキゾチック・サウンドに挑んだ作品。きっかけにもなったタイ音楽をはじめとしたアジアの音楽、エキゾティカ探求、音楽愛、時代の先を見越した先見性などが結んだ80年代を通り越した90年代のムード・ミュージック。めくるめく世界音楽紀行の旅へどうぞ。当店も大きな影響を受けた一枚です。噂では数十枚とも言われる88年のプロモ盤 (シュリンクwithハイプステッカー)にて入荷しました。お見逃しなく!

A1 - Prologue (M.C)

A2 - Ramwong (4 Folkdance Of Thailand)

A5 - Dong・Feng・Jung

A6 - Faith (English→Japlish→Thailish)

B1 - Lull In A Rain

B2 - Rush Hour In Bangkok (Disco Re-Mix'89)

B5 - The March Of Siamese Children, From The Motion Picture "King and I"

B6 - A World Of Whisper