Évé ‎– Canto Aberto

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Label:Free Lance


Used LP 1978

Disc:VG+ (only light surface noise at especially quiet part,totally great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light crease/wear/dent, strongly nice condition,please check photos)

Everaldo Marcial, aka Évé, who is said to be a Brazilian SSW living in France, left his only album for the Jazz label in 1978. The Brazilian music is colored with floating and gentle melodies that can be felt in the soil of French jazz. The various arrangements is also very sophisticated. B4 "Zoeira," B2 "Os Ratos," and A1 "Nego" are especially excellent.

フランス在住のブラジル人SSWと囁かれるÉvéことEveraldo Marcialが78年にジャズレーベルに残した唯一のアルバム。フランスのジャズの土壌も感じ取りながら淡く緩やかなメロディに彩られたブラジリアン・ミュージックを全編に収録。多彩なアレンジも非常に洗練されています。B4”Zoeira”,B2"Os Ratos",A1"Nego"は特に秀逸。推薦盤。

A1 - Nego

A2 - Aldeïa Do Livramento

A3 - Joana

B2 - Os Ratos

B4 - Zoeira