Essendon Airport – Sonic Investigations (Of The Trivial)

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Label:Innocent – NON-1


Used 7"EP 1980

Disc:VG+ (good shape, label has small writing)

Jacket:VG+/VG (oversized 7inch sleeve has some damage on the protruding part, scuffs/wears, writing)

7inch EP from the early days of Essendon Airport, one of representing band the post-punk scene in Melbourne, Australia. Although it later became a five-piece band, at the time of this release it was a duo consisting of electronic musician/keyboard player David Chesworth, who has also left outstanding solo works, and guitar player Robert Goodge. With the addition of a self-made drum machine, this is a total of 4 attractive tracks with floating feel, minimalism, and fluctuation that are typical of the early days, and are simple yet flavorful. It becomes more "groovy" to the band formation, but this is recommended for those who like Woo, Steve Moore, and any homemade music. 

オーストラリア・メルボルンのポストパンクシーンを支えた名バンドEssendon Airportの最初期に残した7インチEP。後に5人編成となりますが、本リリース当時はソロでも傑出した作品を残す電子音楽家/鍵盤奏者David Chesworthとギター奏者Robert Goodgeによるデュオ編成によるもの。自作のドラムマシンを追加し宅録風味の際どい浮遊感、ミニマル、ゆらぎを持った初期ならではのシンプルながら味わい深い全4曲。バンド編成になりよりグルーヴィになっていきますが、Woo, Steve Moore, ホームメイドミュージックがお好きな方にはこちらを推薦です。

A1 - Runway Rock

A2 - How Low Can You Go... (?)

B1 - Wallpaper Music

B2 - 3 Against 4