Erol Ulupınar – İlk Aşkım

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Label:Hülya Plak – MD-4


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (good shape overall, some visible hairlines not affect to sound much)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wears, not bad condition)

1983 album by Turkish keyboardist Erol Ulupınar. The entire album features a fusion sound with rolled like vocals, diverse synth work, and traditional instruments such as Ud, Ney, includes unique groove “Efkar Bastı Gönlümü” with shimmering synths, wired fusion "İlk Aşkım" with interesting beat feel, and mellow synth boogie "”Evlenmeleylim”. TIP for unique frontier groove freaks.

トルコ人鍵盤奏者Erol Ulupınarによる83年作。巻き舌気味のヴォーカル、多彩なシンセワーク、伝統楽器ウードなどが織り成すフュージョンサウンドを全編に収録。とりわけ煌めくシンセが差し込みながら独特のグルーヴで展開していく”Efkar Bastı Gönlümü”、面白いビート感覚のフュージョン”İlk Aşkım”、メロウシンセブギー”Evlenmeleylim”は印象的。独特で面白い辺境グルーヴをお探しの方には特にオススメさせて頂きます。

A1 - Sevgilimi Gördünüz Mü

A2 - Günahkar

A3 - İlk Aşkım

B1 - Efkar Bastı Gönlümü

B4 - Eskisi Gibi

B5 - Evlenmeleylim