Ema Sugimoto = 杉本エマ – Emma Is Love - エマは愛 -

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Label:Global – GSL-7006


Used LP 1974 Gatefold

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (surface looks clean but inside of Gatefold has brown wear, please chack photos, not bad condition) w/poster insert (same brown wear). missing obi

The only album by Ema Sugimoto, who is also known as a Japanese cover of the theme song of "Emmanuelle" and a sexy model. A jazz/bossa piece that is composed of covers with Japanese lyric, and the sexy&husky voice is very impressive. Paticularly recommend such as "Suki" a jazz-funk tune with a conversational tone, "Till I come back again" a chanson-like cover of French singer Alain Barrière, "Rainy memories" a bossa cover with an adulterous atmosphere, "Samba at the end of love" a popular song with a wonderful arrangement.

『エマニュエル夫人』主題歌の日本語カヴァーやセクシーモデルとしても知られる杉本エマによる唯一のアルバム。日本詩をつけたカヴァーなどを折りませた構成のジャズ/ボッサ作品で、色っぽくもハスキーな声が非常に印象的。冒頭の会話の入るジャズファンク”好き”、シャンソン調の仏人シンガーAlain Barrièreのカバー”また戻る時まで”、アダルティな雰囲気のボッサカバー”雨の想い出”、アレンジが素晴らしい人気曲”愛の終わりのサンバ”などオススメ。エキゾチックな空気感がまたいいです。

A1 - 好き

A2 - 朝

B2 - また戻る時まで

B4 - 雨の想い出

B5 - 愛の終わりのサンバ