Elodie Lauten – Piano Works

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Label:Cat Collectors – CKG 7000


Used LP 1983 Second Pressing

Disc:VG+ (looks perfect but feel surface noise as quiet record, guess from pressing)

Jacket:VG+ (good conditon)

Born in a musical family with a jazz pianist father. after moving from Paris to New York, composer/pianist Elodie Lauten has been creating post-minimal music since the 1980s, working with Arthur Russell and other musicians. This is a private release that seems to be one of the early works. The five tracks are reminiscent of Roberto Donnini's work, which is interwoven with hollow repetitions. Among them, "Cat Counterpoint", in which electronic sounds and piano overlap like wriggling and lead to fluctuations, "Imaginary Husband", which mixes field recordings and the dreamy minimal track "Adamantine Sonata" are outstanding. The "cloudy" recording also seems to be calculated. First edition in cream color sleeve. This version is believed to be a later second pressing.

ジャズピアニストの父を持つ音楽一家に生まれ、パリからニューヨークに移り1980年代を境にArthur Russellらとも関りながらポストミニマルに取り組んだ作曲家/ピアニストElodie Lauten。本作は初期の作品群のひとつと思われる自主製作盤。虚ろな反復が織り重なるようなRoberto Donniniを思わせるような全5曲。中でも電子音とピアノがうごめくように重なり合い揺らぎを導き出すような”Cat Counterpoint”、フィールド録音や音響を交えた”Imaginary Husband”、夢心地なミニマル曲”Adamantine Sonata”は白眉。曇りがかった録音も計算されているような気もします。音質に変化は感じられませんが、同年に後発のセカンドプレスと思われるヴァージョンです。

A1 - Revelation

A2 - Adamantine Sonata

A3 - Alien Heart

B1 - Cat Counterpoint

B2 - Imaginary Husband