Elis & Tom – Elis & Tom In L.A.

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Label:Philips – FDX-357


Used LP 1974

Disc:VG+/EX (great shape) 

Jacket:VG+ (light wears/stains, strongly good category) w/obi(clean), insert (clean)

The mastepiece that recorded in 1974 in which Brazilian national singer Elis Regina with Bossa Nova's father, Antonio Carlos Jobim, the two performed together only once. There were rumors of a disagreement temporarily, however since Elise had sung Jobim's songs many times and her worldwide success, Jobim readily agreed to record this one. Of course, it's all composed of Jobim's songs. Start with irresistible exquisite dialogue classic tune "Aguas De Março", followed by mellow tune with great arrangement "So Tinha De Ser Com Voce", mellow bossa "Triste" and "Brigas,Nunca Mais", "Corcovado," which showcases Ellis's excellent singing, jazz-samba style "Fotografia" and the elegance of "Chovendo Na Roseira", includes a number of amazing ensembles that can't believe being the first session. It seems that it has been talked about many times, truly a gem that you can fully enjoy the comfort. A japan release version with rare obi in great condition. Although it is not compared to the Brazilian and Argentinian editions, the press of the Japanese version seems to be highly evaluated.

ブラジルの国民的歌手Elis Reginaがボサノヴァの父Antonio Carlos Jobimとただの一度だけ共演した74年録音の大名盤。一時は不仲説も流れていたというもののエリスは何度もジョビンの楽曲を歌っていた事、そして彼女の世界的な活躍からジョビンも快諾し録音に至ったようです。本作ももちろん全てジョビンの楽曲で構成されています。まず二人の絶妙な掛け合いが最高の最後なんて笑っちゃってる名曲”三月の雨”に始まり、アレンジも秀逸なメロウ・チューン”私はあなたのもの”、メロウ・ボッサ”悲しみ”や”もう決して喧嘩はしない”、エリスの素晴らしい歌唱を堪能できる”コルコヴァード”、ジャズ・サンバ調の”海辺のテラス”、エレガンスに溢れた”ばらに降る雨”などはじめてのセッションとは思えない濃密なアンサンブルの数々を収録。幾度となく語られているとは思いますが、心地よさを満喫できる珠玉の作品。稀少となっている帯付き美品です。ブラジル盤やアルゼンチン盤などと比べてはないですが日本版のプレスも上々の評価のようです。

A1 - 三月の雨

A3 - 私はあなたのもの

A5 - 悲しみ

A6 - コルコヴァード

B2 - もう決して喧嘩はしない

B4 - 海辺のテラス

B6 - ばらに降る雨