Egisto Macchi – Andes

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Label:Globevision – GV-003


Used LP 1975

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Egisto Macchi, versatile composer who has devoted his life to researching improvisation, electronics, experiments, movies, libraries, more and he is also a member of the legendary improvisation avant-garde group Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, and is widely known as an ally of Ennio Morricone. This work is a library piece inspired by the Andes, which was released in 1975. The album contains 9 tracks that incorporate elements of folklore, minimal, contemporary music with a classical core, including "Cancion Segunda" which depicts a continental soundscape, and "Terra Di Cile," which gradually draws in with its mysterious melody. Will be enchanted by the attention to detail and delicate sound production. The specially processed jacket that looks like a mountain is also wonderful.

独学で音楽を学び即興、電子、実験、映画、ライブラリーまで生涯をかけて研究に励み、伝説的前衛集団Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanzaのメンバー、Ennio Morriconeの盟友としても大きく知られるイタリア人音楽家Egisto Macchi。本作は75年に発表したアンデスに着想を得て制作されたライブラリー作品。大陸的な音風景を描いたような”Cancion Segunda”、神秘的な旋律で次第に引き込まれていく”Terra Di Cile”を筆頭としたクラシカルを軸にフォルクローレ、ミニマル、現代音楽の要素を盛り込んだ全9曲を収録。細部にまで気が配られた繊細な音作りに惚れ惚れします。ジャケットは山岳を表したような特殊加工された仕様。

A1 - Terra Di Cile

A3 - Cancion Segunda

A4 - Sierra

B1 - Canto Cileno

B3 - Danza Cilena

B4 - Preghiera Inca