Eduardo Mateo – La Mosca

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Label:Orfeo – 91032-4


Used LP 1989

Tape:VG+ (plays fine)

Sleeve:VG+ (clean)

The historic last album by Uruguayan legend Eduardo Mateo. It seems to be a collaborative work with engineer/multi-instrumentalist Hugo Jasa, with whom Jasa had a very close relationship by this time, and it has a futuristic sound that Hugo Jasa himself described as a fictional sound like a robot, composed of drum machines, programming, electrified voices and guitars, etc., which is a complete change from his previous composition methods. Any tune you turn, it's top, particularly B1 "El Trompo Loco" B3 "Juntos Podemos Llegar", B5 "Ye-Le-Le" and the title track"La Mosca" are a real treat every time we hear it. It can be said that its charm continues to spread. It's also blissful to listen this mix work in cassette sound quality, which can be felt directly.

ウルグアイの伝説Eduardo Mateoが残した歴史的ラストアルバム。この頃には非常に親密な関係になっていたというエンジニア/マルチ奏者Hugo Jasaとの共作に近い作品のようで、それまでの作曲方法を一新しドラムマシン、プログラミング、電化された声やギターなどで構成されたHugo Jasa自身もロボットのような虚構の音色と表現した近未来的なサウンド。どこを切り取っても一級品ですが、B1”El Trompo Loco”、B3"Juntos Podemos Llegar"、B5”Ye-Le-Le”、そしてタイトル曲”La Mosca”は聞く度にハッとさせられます。その魅力は更に広がり続けていると言ってもいいでしょう。このミックスワークをダイレクトに感じられるカセットの音質で聞くのもまた至福。

A1 - La Mosca

A3 - Carolina

A4 - Somos Eras Era

B1 - El Trompo Loco

B3 - Juntos Podemos Llegar

B5 - Yulele

To check playback and prevent deterioration, each recording is a full sound sample