Eduardo Lagos – Asi Nos Gusta

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Label:Trova – SWX-7066


Used LP 1974

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel slight surface noise sometimes)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears, not bad condition) w/insert, missing obi

Eduardo Lagos, a Uruguayan-born pianist/composer who is known as an authoritative critic in Argentina and has recorded several records while doing sessions in between. This album also records sessions with leading Argentine jazz musicians such as Astor Piazzolla, Jorge López Ruiz, Domingo Cura, Alfredo Remus, more. Total 11 tracks, which he describes as "an extension of folklore" use the essence and rhythms of folklore, and each of the eminent performers has abandoned their commercial ambitions and immersed themselves in improvisation. Coupled with clear recordings, A1/B1/B5 are particularly impressive. A wonderful recorded piece of Argentine jazz. It's the Japanese edition of Trova. 

アルゼンチンでは権威のある批評家として知られ、その合間を縫ってセッションをしながらいくつかのレコードも録音しているウルグアイ生まれのピアニスト/作曲家 Eduardo Lagos。本作もAstor Piazzolla, Jorge López Ruiz, Domingo Cura, Alfredo Remusらアルゼンチンを代表するジャズミュージシャンとのセッションを記録した一枚。「フォルクローレの延長」と自ら語る様にそのエッセンスおよびリズムを使い錚々たる各演奏者が商売気を捨てて即興に没頭したと記された全11曲。クリアな録音も相まり、どの演奏も刺さりますがA1/B1/B5は特に感動レベル。すばらしきアルゼンチン・ジャズの記録。Trovaの日本版です。

A1 - Zamba Alegre

A2 - La Septima

A3 - La Banquina

A4 - La Olvidada

B1 - La Vieja

B2 - Encontrar La Verdad

B3 - La Oncena

B5 - Poe Vivir