Eduardo Boaventura ‎– Boa Aventura

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Label:Estúdio de Invenções


Used LP 1986

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A piece from Estúdio de Invenções, Bahia-based label known for releases by Andréa Daltro, Saul Barbosa. Bahia-like music composition where a wide variety of music such as African, Caribbean, Cuban jazz intersects by the mysterious SSW Eduardo Boaventura. Among them, "Devoto de Santa Tereza", which is recommended for DJs that are funky and beats. Also recommend the spiritual tune "Negra Menina Africa", which like a feeling for Africa, and the smooth groove "A Flauta De Um Sul / Realista" featuring a flute.

Andréa DaltroやSaul Barbosaなどのリリースで知られるバイーアのEstúdio de Invençõesからの一枚。謎多きSSW Eduardo Boaventuraによるアフリカ、カリビアン、キューバンジャズなど多種多様な音楽が交差するバイーアらしい楽曲構成で、中でもファンキーでビートを刻むDJにもオススメの”Devoto de Santa Tereza”が一押し。他にもアフリカへ想いを寄せたようなスピリチュアルな”Negra Menina Africa”、フルートをフィーチャーした滑らかなグルーヴの” A Flauta De Um Sul/Realista”もオススメ。

A1 - Negra Menina Africa

A3 - Devoto de Santa Tereza

B2 - A Flauta De Um Sul/Realista