Edouard Scotto Di Suoccio – Hotel Montparnasse Park

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Label:Frogxy Music – FM 18362


Used LP 1986

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French composer Yan Tregger has left works under various names and groups, including his representative works for Freesound and CAM, experimental work under the name David Wescott introduced previously in store. This 1986 soundtrack was produced under the name Edouard Scotto Di Suoccio, as his real name. As expected, it contains a variety of "little bit" different jazz, funk, disco, fusion, and easy listening that can be seen in past works. We especially like the sexy slow synth-pop style "Christina Love Thème" and the dope synth-jazz funk "Park Thème", however be able to enjoy his sense of style throughout the album. Just want to have a drink in the lounge while listening to this kind of music.

FreesoundやCAMなどに残した代表作、以前紹介したDavid Wescott名義での快作、様々な名義/グループで作品を残すフランス人作曲家Yan Tregger。本作は本名でもあるEdouard Scotto Di Suoccio名義で制作した86年のサウンドトラック。やはり過去作でも見られるような一味違うジャズ・ファンク~ディスコ~フュージョン~イージーリスニングをズラリ収録。特に色気を漂わすスロー・シンセ・ポップ”Christina Love Thème”、ドープなシンセ・ジャズ・ファンク”Park Thème”あたりいいですが全編センス良すぎです。こんな音楽聞きながらラウンジで一杯ひっかけたい。

A6 - Park Thème

A7 - Love Scène

B1 - Flash In The Bed

B2 - Christina Love Thème

B5 - Corail Night's

B6 - Le Producteur