Ed Legare – Smiles

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Label:Linda-Su Music Productions (Private) – LP1005


Used LP 1984

Disc:VG+ (slight eagewarp that does not affect play, plays great)

Jacket:VG+ (in shrink) w/inner sleeve

Probably the only self-produced album by Ed Legare, a male SSW from Florida, USA. The cover is already great and the content is also good quality. The album is filled with pleasant songs such as the mid mellow "Suzanne (No One Cares)", free soul type tune "Special Friend Of Mine", the breezy AOR "Smiles", and for us the highlights are uplifting synth floater "Feeling You" and the ballad style "Tears". The variety of tracks and the breaks and arrangements that appear throughout the album give a good impression. The album has been stored for a long time by the artist, and there is a slight eagewarp that does not affect play.

米フロリダ出身の男性SSW Ed Legareによるおそらく唯一作となる自主制作盤。ジャケのイタない感じからもう最高ですが、内容のほうも全編クオリティ。ミッド・メロウ”Suzanne (No One Cares)”、フリーソウル的な”Special Friend Of Mine”、ブリージン・AOR”Smiles”を筆頭に気持ちいい曲が並びますが、こみ上げ系のシンセ・メロウ”Feeling You”にバラード調”Tears”が当店的にはハイライト。多彩な楽曲群に随所に現れるブレイクやアレンジメントも好印象を受けます。アーティストの長期保管品につき再生には影響出ない微少の反りあります。

A1 - Smiles

A2 - Tears

A4 - Feeling You

B1 - Suzanne (No One Cares)

B3 - The Whitest Dove

B4 - Special Friend Of Mine