Eblen Macari, J.L. Almeida ‎– Cartas De Navegación

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Used LP 1989



Mexican specific guitarist Eblen Macari, whose style is based on folk music, mixing electronics, environmental textures and Middle Eastern rhythms, has created many masterpieces and the keyboardist José Luis Almeida, with whom he has collaborated with Eblen Macari in past works, left the organic ambient masterpiece "Elegia" in 1993.This is a masterpiece from 1989, released under the names of both of them.First of all,the soundscape A1 "Adriatica" accelerates from the beginning with pensive and wet guitars and delicate synth sounds like a starry sky at the beginning to the second half, Middle Eastern rhythms on the dreamy sounding A3 "Circulos Petreos", the beautiful primitive melody of B1 "Clarion",B3 "Cartas De Navegacion" is a gentle sound that seeps into your body as the guitar and synths unite with the vocals that speak to you. We can assure you that it's a definite piece.

フォークミュージックを基本にエレクトロニクス、環境のテクスチャー、中東のリズムなどをミックスさせたスタイルで幾多の名作を残すメキシコの特殊ギタリストEblen Macariと過去作でも共演し93年にはオーガニックアンビエント傑作"Elegia"を残す鍵盤奏者José Luis Almeida二人の超傑作。まず冒頭の満点の星空が浮かんでくるようなペンシブでウエットなギターに繊細なシンセサウンドで後半にかけて加速していくサウンドスケープA1"Adriatica"、中東の様なリズムを奏でるドリーミーサウンドA3"Circulos Petreos”、美しいプリミティブな旋律を描くB1"Clarion"、語りかけるようなヴォーカルとギター、シンセが一体になって体に染み込む優しい音が溶け合うB3"Cartas De Navegacion"。間違いない作品と断言します。

A1 - Adriatica

A3 - Circulos Petreos

B1 - Clarion

B3 - Cartas De Navegacion