Duppi ‎– Velvet Night

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Label:Night Gallery


Used 7'/flexi-disc 1986

Disc:VG+/EX (looks perfect but due to the characteristics of Flexi-disc, there is a little noise)

Jacket:VG+ (has an age-related crease at the top of the sleeve (please check the photo),others are very clean)

Duppi a.k.a. Ikeuchi Mizue, who had been active mainly in the Kansai area since the 1980s, is the flexi-disc only single under her own name that has been confirmed. The A-side is an avant-garde tune with ambience and experimental feeling, "Velvet Nights."、on our recommended B side "Hatsunetsunomiyako" can be described as dreamy experimental tune. The transparent flexi-disc on the sleeve of the marble pattern and the elaborate structure expressing her view/eye are also wonderful.

関西を中心に80年代より活動していたDuppi a.k.a. 池内みずゑの確認されている単独名義では唯一となるソノシートオンリーシングル。A面はアンビエンスや実験精神が同居するようなアヴァンギャルドチューン”三千の夜”、当店的にオススメのB面にはドリーミーエクスペリメンタルとでも表現できそうな”はつねつのみやこ”。マーブル模様のスリーブに透明なソノシートと世界観を表現した凝った造りも素敵です。

A - 三千の夜 (Velvet Night)

B - はつねつのみやこ