Duo Macki Cisse Et Dicko Boubacar ‎– Teto Africano

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Label:Editions Keur Laye

Country:Ivory Coast

Used LP 1981

Disc:VG+ (almost no noise,great condition)

Jacket:VG+ (has about 3cm cut on bottom,some wear on back,totally not bad condition)

Duo Macki Cisse Et Dicko Boubacar, a five-piece group formed by Cissé Macki and Dicko Boubakar from Ivory Coast, released their only album in 1981. Comfortable African/Afro Jazz grooves with vocals on all four tracks. Great condition.

コートジボワール出身のCissé Macki,Dicko Boubakarを中心に結成された5人組グループDuo Macki Cisse Et Dicko Boubacarの81年の唯一作。ヴォーカルを交えた心地いいAfrican/Afro Jazzグルーヴの全四曲。コンディション良好です。

A1 - Bi Soungourou

B2 - Fatou Sy