Duke Ellington And His Orchestra – Latin American Suite

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Label:Fantasy – LFP-88021


Used LP 1972

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Duke Ellington had constantly written music incorporating Latin American rhythms, and his orchestra visited Central and South America for the first time, and this album was produced in 1972 after the tour, which was a great success. Including myself, imagined that the music would incorporate South American instruments, but instead, the composition is dominated by his own piano parts and ensemble parts, the Latin mood is present in some parts, giving us the sound of Ellington's style. Especially recommend "Tina" performed by a trio, and the Latin-feeling "Chico Cuadradino" and "Brasilliance."

元よりラテン・アメリカのリズムを取り入れた楽曲を書いていたDuke Ellingtonとその楽団が初めて中南米を訪れ盛況に終わったというその巡業後に制作された72年作。私自身含め、南米打楽器などを織り交ぜた楽曲かと想像しましたが、それは行わず自身のピアノ・パートやアンサンブル・パートの多い構成で出来上がっています。要所にラテン・ムードが漂よわせながらエリントン流のサウンドを聞かせてくれます。特にトリオ編成による”Tina”、ラテンを感じ取れる”Chico Cuadradino”, "Brasilliance"はオススメさせて頂きます。プロモ帯付き美品です。

A1 - Oclupana

A2 - Chico Cuadradino

A4 - Tina

B1 - The Sleeping Lady And The Giant Who Watches Over Her

B2 - Latin American Sunshine

B3 - Brasilliance