Drahcir Ztiworoh – Eros In Arabia

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Label:Ethnotech Records – RH 777


Used LP 1981

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American composer Richard Horowitz, had engaged with minimal music guru La Monte Young, recorded and toured with Jon Hassell, participated in the Made To Measure series, collaborated with Ryuichi Sakamoto, won the Golden Globe Award for Best Composition as a film composer, and organised the Gnawa festival in Mogador, a city in Morocco that is a spiritual home. He continued to be active until his death last month. This is one of his masterpiece created in 1981 under the name Drahcir Ztiworoh, which is his name upside down. Combining the Arab reed flute Ney and Prophet-5 synthesizer, he creates a unique music that intertwines minimalism with ancient Javanese, Rajasthani, Moroccan and Sufi musical traditions. It's magical music that blends indigenous and mysterious elements using avant-garde music techniques, include first 20 minutes track "Elephant Dance," which imagines Sufis performing in Java in the 16th century, and "Never Tech No Foreign Answer," which uses gamelan effects and percussion like a keyboard to create a chaotic space. Original copy.

ミニマル音楽の第一人者La Monte Youngに従事し、Jon Hassellとのレコーディングやツアー、Made To Measureシリーズへの参加、坂本龍一とのコラボレーション、ゴールデングローブ賞作曲賞を受賞するほどのフィルムコンポーザーとしての顔、心の拠り所モロッコの都市モガドールではグワナのフェスティバルを開催するなど昨月に亡くなるまで精力的に活動を続けた米人作曲家Richard Horowitz。本作は名前を逆さにしたDrahcir Ztiworoh名義にて81年に残した超傑作。アラブの葦の笛ナーイとProphet-5シンセサイザーを組み合わせジャワ、ラジャスタン、モロッコ、スーフィーの古代音楽の伝統、ミニマリズムを絡み合わせた特異な音楽を形成しています。最初の20分に収録のスーフィーが16世紀のジャワで演奏した事を空想した”Elephant Dance”、ガムランのエフェクトとパーカッションをキーボードのようにしてカオス空間を演出した”Never Tech No Foreign Answer”を筆頭に土着に潜むリズムと神秘性を前衛音楽の手法にて溶かし込んだ魔性の音楽。オリジナル盤。

A1 - Elephant Dance

A2 - Queen Of Saba

B1 - Eros Never Stops Dreaming

B2 - Tamara Alexa Inter-Dimensional Travel Agent

B3 - Baby Elephant Magic

B4 - Never Tech No Foreign Answer

B5 - 23/8 For Conlon Nancarrow