Double Fantasy ‎– Universal Ave.

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Label:Innovative Communication ‎– KS 80.054


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (light surface noise at silent/beginning part, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear/wrinkle) w/original inner sleeve

One of the most famous new age/ambient album by the electronics duo Double Fantasy, and one of the masterpieces of the prestigious German Innovative Communication label. Include romantic balearic tune "Heartbreaker" that makes feel like the sun is setting, "Endless Running" its comfortable beats with New Age light, and "Lost Control" that accents irregular beats with synths and vocoder voices, last  track "Children Of The Universe" that sinks deeply. Classic.

エレクトロニクスデュオDouble Fantasyによるニューエイジ/アンビエントの代表的作品でありドイツの名門Innovative Communicationレーベルの名作の一つ。太陽が沈んでいく画が浮かぶようなロマンティック・バレアリック・チューン”Heartbreaker”、心地よいビートにニューエイジの光が差し込む”Endless Running”、深く沈み込んでいくラストの”Children Of The Universe”からどうぞ。極上のトリップ感も魅力。

A1 - Heartbreaker

A3 - Endless Running

B3 - Children Of The Universe