Djalma Corrêa – Baiafro

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Label:Philips ‎– 20PP-3


Used LP 1979

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The Japanese edition of the masterpieces of Brazilian percussionist/producer Djalma Corrêa's MPBC series. Born in Minas Gerais, he was raised in the area where the Macumba (or Candomblé in Bahia) was very popular, and at the age of 17, he moved to Bahia and studied percussion,candomblé,beat&rhythm,formed a jazz band in Bahia, and Djalma Corrêa's group "Baiafro" was formed with the goal of creating a new Brazilian music while respecting tradition, in her own words, "to integrate the true image of all the black cultures of Brazil and translate them into a modern language." Feel the sound rich in spirituality, which is built around the rhythm of percussion, which is said to be the base of Brazilian music, while crossing various genres.

ブラジル人打楽器奏者/プロデューサーDjalma CorrêaがMPBCシリーズに残した名作の日本規格盤。ミナスジェライス州生まれでマクンバ(バイア州ではカンドンブレ)が盛んなこの地域で生まれ育ち17歳からバイア州にてパーカッション、カンドンブレの研究、ビートやリズムの勉強、ジャズバンドの結成を経て強烈なアフロ・バイアーノ文化の洗礼を受け”ブラジルのあらゆる黒人文化の真の姿を統合して現代の言葉に置き換えること”と自身の言葉にあるように伝統を重んじながら新しいブラジル音楽を創造する事を目標に結成されたDjalma Corrêaのグループ"Baiafro"の78年の作品。ブラジル音楽のベースと語るパーカッションのリズムを軸に様々なジャンルを横断(混血と表現しています)しながら作り上げられた精神性にも富んだ全8曲。

A2 - Samba De Roda Na Capoeira

A3 - Baiafro

A5 - Banjilógrafo

B1 sample 1

B1 sample 2

B2 - Piano De Cuia

B3 - Tudo Madeira