Dercio Marques - Anjos Da Terra

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Used LP 1991

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Dercio Rocha Marques, a guitarist from Minas Gerais, is known for his out-of-focus songwriting that expresses the natural landscape and popular culture of Brazil. This album recorde3d in 1989 features children and female vocals in an imaginary soundscape similar to the work of 1988, and especially "Brisa" and "O Menino E O Mar" are amazing tune. It's simply great piece of organic folk that seems to be assimilated with nature.

アウトフォーカスなブラジルの自然風景や大衆文化を表現したソングライティングで知られるミナスジェライス州出身のギター奏者Dercio Rocha Marquesの89年録音の知る人ぞ知る自主制作盤。88年の作品同様のイマジナリーな音風景に子供や女性ヴォーカルをフィーチャーした楽曲が特徴的な作品で、特に”Brisa”,"O Menino E O Mar"は名曲。正に自然と同化したようなオーガニック・フォークの傑作です。

B1 - Brisa

B4 - O Menino E O Mar