David DeBree ‎– Evening Tide

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Label:CAS Records


Used LP 1988

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Self-produced album released in 1988 by American multi-instrumentalist David DeBree. It's a multi-recorded work in which he played all the instruments such as synthesizers, guitars, drums, effectors.. a mixture of smooth jazz, new age, easy listening, perfect for the coming season. First of all, "Evening Tide" which the transparent synth and guitar sound directs relaxation from beginning to end, "Chinatown II" which gradually develops romantically as the setting sun sets, "Nirvana" with its mellow and tropical atmosphere, and the last song "Danielle" which is refreshing and swingy and will make you sway. A total of six tracks with no discarded ones. Quality.

アメリカ人マルチ演奏者David DeBreeがリリースした88年の自主制作盤。シンセサイザー、ギター、ドラム、エフェクターなど全て自らが演奏した多重録音作品で、スムーズジャズ、ニューエイジ、イージーリスニングを混ぜ合わせたようなこれからの時期にもってこいな内容。まず冒頭の透き通るようなシンセとギターサウンドが終始リラクシンを演出する”Evening Tide”、夕陽が沈むように徐々にロマンチックな展開の”Chinatown Ⅱ"、メロウでトロピカルな空気感が包み込む”Nirvana”、爽快でスウィンギンな思わず体が揺れてしまうラストの”Danielle”など捨て曲なしの全6曲。自主盤とは思えない驚愕のクオリティです。

A1 - Evening Tide

A3 - Chinatown

B2 - Nirvana

B3 - Danielle