David Chesworth – No Particular Place

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Label:Rampant Releases – MLRR011


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+/VG (about 2cm cut on upper of sleeve, slight wear)

A solo album by David Chesworth, one of the most important figures in the unique Sydney scene at that time, who is also known as member of Essendon Airport and →↑ →. This work is a piece produced for a theater work called "A Midsummer Night's Dream", includes all 20 tunes, long and short, drawn using the Yamaha DX7 at the time of its release and the sampler "Fairlight CMI" invented in Australia which was said to be ideal for expressing the dream world in the theater performing. In addition to A1/B1 with experimental beats, "Over Hill, Over Dale" with a strange floating feeling that is like wandering around the daydream and "A Hundred Thousand Hearts" that seems to be wrapped in gentle atomosphere are also great. Electronic ensembles abound.

オーストラリア・シドニーの特異なシーンを形成し、Essendon Airportや→ ↑ →での活動でも知られるシーン最重要人物の1人David Chesworthのソロ名義による85年作。本作は”A Midsummer Night's Dream”という劇場作品の為に制作された一枚で、劇中の夢の世界を表現するのに最適だったという発売当初のヤマハDX7とオーストラリアで発明されたサンプラー「フェアライトCMI」を用い描かれた長短様々な全20曲。実験的なビートを持ったA1/B1の他にも白昼屋の夢を彷徨っているかのような奇妙な浮遊感の”Over Hill, Over Dale”、優しさに包まれるような”A Hundred Thousand Hearts”などなど電子アンサンブルが溢れています。ジャケもたまりません。

A1 - No Particular Place

A3 - Over Hill, Over Dale

A7 - A Hundred Thousand Hearts

B1 - Rejected