Darline Victor – Darline Victor All Star Band

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Label:Not On Label – VPAG-4504


Used LP 1988

Disc:NM (opened from dead stock copy, very slight warp that does not affect to sound)

Jacket:NM (clean) w/insert

Self-produce album released in 1988 by Boston's multiplayer Darline Victor, who was also a member of the industrial band Sleep Chamber, which has been active for a long time even though the members have been replaced. A total of 6 tracks from experimental to wave to electro centered on various inorganic Lo-Fi beats that show his sense. Especially "Positive Attraction" has an odd time beat, dark synths, piano tone inserted after the middle, and Art Before Deat" with massive industrial beats, are amazing. Perfection that makes you think that this was buried. Dead stock. Disc has very slight warp that does not affect to sound.

メンバー入れ替えながらも長きに渡り活動した米インダストリアルバンドSleep ChamberのメンバーでもあったというマルチプレイヤーDarline Victorが残した88年の自主制作盤。センスが伺える多様な無機質Lo-Fiビートを軸にしたエクスペリメンタル~ウェーブ~エレクトロまで全6曲を収録。とりわけビートの妙にダークなシンセに中盤以降にピアノが差し込む”Positive Attraction”、マッシブなインダストリアル・ビートを刻む”Art Before Deat”は強力。これが埋もれていたとはと思わせる完成度。デッドストック品です。再生に出ない極微の反りあります。

A1 - The Gate

A2 - Positive Attraction

A3 - #84 (Dance!) Extended

B1 - Minus The Logic

B2 - Art Before Death

B3 - History Repeats/Once Again