Darcy De Paulo – Na Memória

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Label:PPA [Paladar Produções Artisticas] – PPA 020


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wears, not bad condition as Brazilian sleeve)

PPA [Paladar Produções Artisticas] is a quality label based in Rio de Janeiro dedicated to showcasing new talent such as Valéria, Aldo Medeiros Bonifácio. This is believed to be the only solo work by Darcy De Paulo, the owner of the label and involved in many works as a pianist/arranger. The musicians include Sylvio Barbosa, Grupo Arco Iris, João Cortez, and Nilson Matta. Total 11 tracks, feature rhythmic arrangements based on choro and samba, floating feeling reminiscent of the Minas sound, songwriting quality common to the label. Among the best are “Vai Trabalhar”, “Ano Novo” and “Um Tema Em Cinco Por Quatro". A gem from a man who has devoted to discovering new talent. Amazing.

リオを拠点にValéria, Aldo Medeiros Bonifácioなど契約のない新しい才能を紹介することに専念した良質のレーベルPPA [Paladar Produções Artisticas]。本作はそのレーベルオーナーであり、ピアニスト/アレンジャーとして多くの作品に携わるDarcy De Pauloによる唯一と思われるソロ名義作品。演奏はSylvio Barbosa, Grupo Arco Iris, João Cortez, Nilson Mattaなど渋実力派が固めています。ショーロやサンバをベースにしたリズムアレンジ、ミナス派を思わせる浮遊感、レーベルに共通するようなソングライティングの妙を備えた全11曲。中でも有機的リズム感覚に溢れた”Vai Trabalhar”、美しいメロディを奏でるジャジーな”Ano Novo”、ブラジルらしい多彩なリズムが踊る”Um Tema Em Cinco Por Quatro”は極上。インディペンデントに新たな才能の発掘に尽力した人物による珠玉の一枚。素晴らしいです。

A1 - Ano Novo

A2 - Vai Trabalhar

A4 - Bahia

B6 - Um Tema Em Cinco Por Quatro