Craig Dove - S.T.

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Label:River Musik Werks


Used LP 1978

Disc:EX (perfect shape)

Jacket:EX (in shrink, perfect condition)

Craig Dove, a singer-songwriter from Moline, Illinois, U.S.A., left this private album in 1978. AOR-soft rock-bossa nova's highest peak work with a combination of tasty vocals and elegant touch performance. Just amazing thoughout, among them "I've Got To Tell The Lady," which starts out with a breezy atmosphere and then picks up speed, "You've Got What It Takes" which shows a jazzy and rock'n'roll approach, "Love Of My Life," a fully sweet and mellow tune with synths, and tasty bossa-type "Today's The Day" are especially soaked. Recommended for those who like the works of Yoshito Osawa and Pippo Spera. Very beautiful copy like dead stock one with shrink.

米イリノイ州モリーン出身のシンガーソングライターCraig Doveが78年に残したプライベート盤。味わい深いヴォーカルとエレガントなタッチの演奏が極上に相まったAOR~ソフトロック~ボッサ作品。どの曲も素晴らしいですが、冒頭のブリージンな雰囲気から疾走感を増す”I've Got To Tell The Lady”、ジャジー&ロックンロールなアプローチを見せる”You've Got What It Takes”、甘く、シンセも入るメロウネス溢れる”Love Of My Life”、味わい深いボッサタイプの”Today's The Day”は特に浸ります。大沢善人やPippo Speraの作品が好きな方にも是非聞いて頂きたいです。シュリンク付きのほぼデッドストックのような超美品です。

A1 - I've Got To Tell The Lady

A2 - Complete

A4 - Love Of My Life

B1 - Today's The Day

B4 - Ocean Of Love