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Label:Melopea Discos


Used LP 1989

Disc:VG+ (quiet record, light/minor surface noise at mainly silent part and begining part of disc(A1/B1), totally good shape and loos clean, please check audio clips)

Jacket:VG+ (small tear at left side of part, slight ring wear, minor wears, totally not bad condition)

In recent years, it is no exaggeration to say that one of Argentina's important artists who has collaborated with Quique Sinesi and recorded works at the "Sanctuary" Café Vinilo in the Argentine avant-garde scene is a clarinetist/multi-wind instrument player Marcelo Moguilevsky and other members will also participate in numerous works after 1990. It is the only work of Comedia that was formed at the beginning of their career and one of the best release in Melopea Discos. A sense of the avant-garde inherited,an organic orientation, the essence of jazz, etc, in the soil of Argentinean music are injected in a high degree and with plenty of early impulses, and the content is seamless from beginning to end. Of course, it was produced by Litto Nebbia. It is such a piece that the music that our shop pursues is condensed.

近年ではQuique Sinesiとのコラボ作やアルゼンチン・アヴァンギャルドの聖地Café Viniloでの録音作品等を残すアルゼンチンの重要なアーティストの1人と言っても過言ではないクラリネット奏者/マルチ管楽器奏者Marcelo Moguilevskyと他のメンバーも90年以降は数々の作品に参加する事になるそんな彼らのキャリア初期に結成されていたComediaの唯一作にしてMelopeaでも指折りの超傑作。アルゼンチン音楽の土壌に脈々と受け継がれるアヴァンギャルドな感覚、有機的志向、ジャズのエッセンスなどが高度にそして初期衝動もたっぷりと注入され初めから終りまで隙の見当たらない内容。勿論プロデュースはLitto Nebbia。うっとりするほどの極上盤。当店の追い求める音楽が凝縮されているようなそんな一枚です。

A1 - Nubes (Del Alma)

A3 - Los Días Antes A Melina

A4 - Soplando Vida

B1 - Hombre Grande, Hombre Chico

B2 - El Mandril

B3 - Jardin De Lluvia