Coconuts Crew ‎– Samba On The Shore

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Label:RCA ‎– RPL-8135


Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (good condition) w/obi,insert

The first album by the mixed Brazilian trio Coconuts Crew in 1982. This is a collection of stylish covers of classic songs from the past. Among them, moody bossa cover by Luis Bonfa "The Gentle Rain", sophisticated killer samba cover "Tristeza", amazing session "A Lua E Aquela Paz", Mari Shinonome's vocal Jobim's masterpiece "Waves", and  jazzy bossa "Canção Do Mar" are especially recommended. Beautiful condition with obi, insert

混成ブラジリアン・トリオCoconuts Crewの82年のファーストアルバム。往年の名曲達を洒脱にカバーした良曲揃い。中でもルイス・ボンファのムーディ・ボッサ・カバー"The Gentle Rain"、洗練されたキラー・サンバ・カバー”Tristeza”、濃密なセッションを披露した"A Lua E Aquela Paz"、東雲マリが歌うジョビンの代表作”波”、ジャジー・ボッサ”Canção Do Mar”あたりかオススメ。

A4 - The Gentle Rain

A6 - Canção Do Mar

B1 - Tristeza

B3 - A Lua E Aquela Paz

B6 - Wave