Claudia – O Meu Corolla = 恋のカローラ

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Label:Seven Seas/Fermata Produções -  – SR 235, 


Used LP Gatefold 1969 

Disc:VG+ (light mark part on B side not affect to sound, good shape overall)

Jacket:VG+ (stains/wears on mainly inside of gatefold sleeve, light white scuffs, totally good category we guess) obi is missing

Claudia, a big Brazilian singer who has left numerous works that are loved by a lot of people and extremely popular in Japan, include her hit song "Com Mais de Trinta" composed by Marcos Valle to our favorite 1980 master album produced by Claudio Bertrami (ex Grupo Medusa). This is her Japan-only work, recorded when she visited to Japan in 1968, when she was still under 20 years old in her marketing period. Contains Japanese bossa nova songs written by Kuranosuke Hamaguchi, which were previously released as singles, "Vamos Dancar A Bossa Nova", "O Meu Corolla" and also sung in Japanese "No Star In The Sky", "Lullaby Of Itsuki" which is passed down in Kumamoto. In addition, includes covers of Jobim, Jorge Ben, African rock, and French movie songs. Once again, was surprised by her singing and dignity, which made it hard to believe that she was a teenager. No obi, but finally in stock. Mega rare. 

Marcos Valle作曲のヒット曲”Com Mais de Trinta”から80年のClaudio Bertrami (ex Grupo Medusa) プロデュースの傑作、フロアユースな数々のアルバム等あらゆる層に愛される作品群を残すブラジルが生んだ大歌手Claudia。本作は彼女がまだ20歳にも満たない売り出し期である68年の来日時にレコーディングされた日本オンリー作品。先だってシングルで発売された浜口庫之助作の和製ボサノバ曲”はだしのボサノバ”, "恋のカローラ”、こちらも日本語で歌われる”愛なき心”, 熊本に伝わる”五木の子守唄”を収録。加えてジョビンやジョージベンのカバー、アフリカンロック、仏映画曲までを披露した大充実作。10代とは思えない歌唱と貫禄。帯なしですがようやく入荷できました。なぜだかホントに出ません。

A1 - Mais Que Nada

A2 - Agua De Beber

A3 - O Meu Corolla

A6 - Corcovado

A7 - Vamos Dancar A Bossa Nova

B1 - No Star In The Sky

B2 - Pata Pata

B3 - One Note Samba

B6 - So Danço Samba

B7 - Lullaby Of Itsuki