Clara Rockmore – The Art Of The Theremin

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Label:Delos – D/QA 25437


Used LP 1981

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Theremin, the world's oldest electronic musical instrument, invented by Russian physicist Dr. Lev Sergeyevich Termen in 1919. It is said that a considerable amount of skill is required for stable performance at the same time as producing sound while adjusting the pitch and volume according to the position of the hand in the space without touching it, and never producing the same sound again. This is the only collection of works by theremin player Clara Rockmore, originally released on Moog's own label in 1977 as a project of Robert Moog's wife Shirleigh. A total of 12 tunes woven by the theremin tone that the soul wore as if singing and the piano accompaniment of her sister Nadia Reisenberg. Mississippi Records has reissued the album, and it is a definite gem. This is a must have for those who are not familiar with this kind of sound. This is a remastered version released in Japan in 1981, which is also rare.

1919年にロシアの物理学者Lev Sergeyevich Termen博士によって発明された世界最古の電子楽器テルミン。手を触れず、空間中の手の位置によって音高と音量を調節しながら音を出し、二度と同じ音は出ない、と同時に安定した演奏には相当な熟練が必要と言われています。本作はオリジナルは77年にRobert Moogの妻Shirleighの企画で、Moog自身のレーベルから発表されたテルミンの名手Clara Rockmore唯一の作品集。まるで歌うように魂が纏ったテルミンの音色と姉のNadia Reisenbergのピアノの伴奏が織り成す全12曲。Mississippi Recordsが再発を手掛けるなど間違いない逸品。普段このような音に馴染みがない方にも是非聞いて頂きたいです。こちらも稀少となっている81年に日本でリリースされたリマスター盤。

A3 - The Swan

A5 - Hebrew Melody

A6 - Romance

B3 - Berceuse

B4 - Valse Sentimentale

B6 - Chant Du Ménestrel