Chun Hui = 춘희 – 내가 왔어요/오랜만에 오신 님아

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Label:Han Kook Record Co. – HC-200060

Country:South Korea

Used LP 1979

Disc:VG+/VG (one hairline on B1/B2, some cracking parts on mainly quiet part, not bad shape, check audio sample)

Jacket:VG+ (scuffs/wrinkles, no tear/split, thnik good category as this era's korean sleeve)

1979 relase album by Korean singer Chun Hui. The biggest highlight of this album is the psychedelic funk groove that makes the most of her husky and dusky voice, which you can't imagine from the pretty picture on the cover. Total groovy combined with a bewitching atmosphere include obscure psychedelic funk B3 "비" and the funky funk "또 보아도" with fuzz guitar. Psychedelic Kayo style A6/B2 are also great. Hidden great piece. There are some crackling parts.

韓国人シンガーChun Huiよる79年作。ジャケの可愛いらしい写真からは想像できないハスキーでドスの効いた歌声を活かすようなサイケ・ファンクグルーヴが最大の見せ場。オブスキュア・サイケ・ファンクB3”비”、ファズギター鳴るファンキー・ファンク”또 보아도”を筆頭に妖艶な空気感も相まったグルーヴ感。A6/B2にようなサイケ歌謡もバッチリいいです。これは最高です。少しチリパチする箇所あります。

A1 - 내가 왔어요

A3 - 또 보아도

A6 - 세월

B2 - 고독

B3 - 

B4 - 이정표가 되리라

All this YouTube sound sources are recorded from this copy.