Chōichi Terukina = 照喜名朝一 – 上り口説 / 下り口説

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Label:マルフクレコード – FF-122


Used 7" 1980

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (clean)

7" single from 1980 by Chōichi Terukin, a sanshin player/singer who has long introduced the Ryukyuan classical performing arts to the world and was recognized as a living national treasure in 2000. Both sides contain the lyrics about the road to Kagoshima, which is sung in simple, dopey and powerful manner, and involving the sanshin for traditional dance.

 長きに渡り世界に琉球古典芸能を紹介し、2000年には人間国宝にも認定された三線奏者 照喜名朝一の80年のシングル盤。淡々ドープに力強く歌われる鹿児島への道中を歌った歌詞と三線が絡む舞踏曲を両面に収録。

A - 上り口説

B -  下り口説