Choi Jin Hee = 최진희 – 카페에서

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Label:SRB records – SBK-0053

Country:South Korea

Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+/EX (good shape)

Jacket:VG+/EX (clean) w/insert

1986 album by Korean singer Choi Jin Hee. A well-balanced mix of ballads, mid-funk, and disco.  In particular, the synth mid-funk A1 "카페에서," obscure electronic funk A6 "당신 뜻대로," ballad tune B2 "은 사랑 "우리가 나눈 것이 사랑인가요", groovy disco funk B4 "우리가 나눈 것이 사랑인가요" are excellent. Beautiful copy with insert.

韓国人シンガーChoi Jin Heeによる86年作。バラード~ミッド・ファンク~ディスコまでバランスのいい配曲。とりわけシンセ・ミッド・ファンクA1”카페에서”、オブスキュア電子ファンクA6”당신 뜻대로”、歌謡バラードB2”짧은 사랑”、グルーヴィーなディスコ・ファンクB4”우리가 나눈 것이 사랑인가요”は秀逸。インサート付き美品。

A1 - 카페에서

A6 - 당신 뜻대로

B2 - 짧은 사랑

B4 - 우리가 나눈 것이 사랑인가요