Children Coup D'Etat – S.T.

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Used Cassette Book 1983

Tape:VG+ (plays fine)

Book:VG+ (light stain on first page)

Outer Case:VG (age wears/stains) 

The debut work of Children's Coup D'Etat, produced by EP-4 Kaoru Sato and Yuichi Konno of Peyotl Kobou, and released after the EP-4 "Uniform, Body, Duplicate" and Ryuichi Sakamoto's "AVEC PIANO" from Peyotl Kobou, the pioneer of cassette book releases. The details of the band were kept under wraps at the time, and the members speculated that they were a unique band that caught Sato's attention because of their young age, contemporary, underground, and artistic sound. The album contains 10 tracks of improv/chamber rock with an impressive sharp sound that also shows the band's early impulses. The band has since released a series of cassette tapes, with members changing, and released another in 2014.

カセットブックの先駆けペヨトル工房発、EP-4「制服・肉体・複製」,坂本龍一「AVEC PIANO」に次いでリリースされたEP-4佐藤薫とペヨトル工房の今野裕一プロデュースによる当時無名のバンド チルドレンクーデターのデヴュー作品。当時は詳細も伏せておりメンバーの憶測曰く年齢が若い、現代音楽っぽい、アングラっぽい、芸術的っぽい理由からか佐藤の目に留まりデヴューとなった既有なバンド。初期衝動も感じる尖ったサウンドが印象的なインプロ/チェンバーロック全10曲を収録。その後はメンバーの交代を経ながらカセットテープ中心のリリースを重ね2014年にもリリースをしています。

A1 - Cranky Pinocchio (Prelude)

A2 - Monster Bird Rock

A3 - Roaster

A5 - Ebitai

B2 - Zubekobara

B5 - Cranky Pinocchio (Postlude)