Chen Yang = 陳揚 ‎– Romantic Keyboard Music = 浪漫的鍵盤音樂

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Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+/VG (some crackling at mainly quiet parts, beggining of A1 has light mark, looks clean and fine to play)

Jacket:VG+/VG (light mold brown wear, scuffs, about 4cm split part around right upper corner)

1983 released album by the Taiwanese composer Chen Yang, who is known for not only popular music and also music for plays and dance, music production/provision related to media, and music style that quickly adopted new age and modern classical music. This work is an instrumental work that brings out the intersection of the West and the East, making us feel his diverse history cultivated in the United States. Starting with A2 ”歡樂中國節”、A3”金縷鞋”, which seem to reflect his future style and B-side, B2/B3/B4, are not bad either. Overall, disc is clean, but there is some crackling in the quiet parts.

ポピュラー音楽だけではなく劇やダンスの為の音楽、メディア関係の楽曲制作/提供、いち早くニューエイジやモダンクラシカルを取り入れた音楽スタイルで知られる台湾の作曲家 陳揚。本作はアメリカ等で培った彼の多様な歩みを感じさせる西洋と東洋の交差がもたらされたインスト作品。今後の作風を映すかのようなA2”歡樂中國節”、A3”金縷鞋”を筆頭にB2/B3/B4などのB面も悪くないです。全体的に綺麗ですが静部で多少チリパチします。

A2 - 歡樂中國節

A3 - 金縷鞋

B2 - 哈囉!夜市

B3 - 雨情

B4 - 長夜漫漫