Chen Yang = 陳揚 ‎– Romantic Keyboard Music = 浪漫的鍵盤音樂

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Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (light surface noise at especially quiet part, total good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light mold brown wear, scuffs, not bad condition)

Taiwanese composer Chen Yang. A figure who has made great achievements in the development of Taiwanese music, which is known not only for popular music also for music for stage/dance, and music production/provision for media. This album from 1983 is an instrumental work that shows the various steps he took in his life in the U.S. in the 70s, including jazz, pop, and score music. Among them, A2/A3 which can be interpreted in a new age are excellent and B2/B3/B4 are not bad either.

台湾の作曲家 陳揚。ポピュラー音楽だけではなく劇やダンスの為の音楽、メディア関係の楽曲制作/提供でも知られる台湾シーンの発展へ大きな功績を残した人物。83年の本作はジャズ、ポップ、スコア音楽などアメリカ等で培った彼の多様な歩みを感じるインスト作品。中でもニューエイジ的な解釈も可能なA2/A3が秀逸、B2/B3/B4も悪くないです。

A2 - 歡樂中國節

A3 - 金縷鞋

B2 - 哈囉!夜市

B3 - 雨情

B4 - 長夜漫漫