Chen Shyh-Shing = 陳世興 ‎– Mountain = 山

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Label:鍾石 – RTM-302


Used LP 1988

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise at mainly quiet part, totally good shape and looks shiny)

Jacket:VG+/VG (managament sticker on front, light minor wears on back)

One of Taiwanese guitarist/composer Chen Shyh-Shing's 1988 new age/ambient monumental works "Rain", "Sky", "Rei" and "Mountain". Total 10 tracks of spiritual electronics woven from guitar sounds, soft synth pads, reverberant sounds, field recordings, and more. "Dawn", "Morning", and "Bug Woods", which are not included in the compilation, are especially worth listening to.

台湾人ギタリスト/作曲家 陳世興が88年に発表した同国におけるニューエイジ/アンビエント金字塔的作品「雨」,「空」,「靈」,「山」のひとつ。ギター音、柔らかなシンセパッド、残響音、フィールドレコーディング等から織り成されるスピリチュアル・エレクトロニクス全10曲。コンピレーションにも収録されていない”Dawn”,”Morning”,"Bug Woods"は特に聴き所。