Chen Chien-Ming = 城振銘 ‎– 廻響

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Label:Synco – VP-25


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (black writing, rest of cover is in good condition) w/insert

This is a release from the excellent Taiwanese label Synco, which is known for releasing modern classical works by Chen Yang and others in addition to pop and other music. It's an ambient/new age piece that incorporates folk and traditional songs from all over China by the composer Chen Chien-Ming. The highly accomplished sound with depth while retaining traditional melodies and oriental tones led by B1/A3 is astonishing.

ポップスなどに加え陳陽などのモダンクラシカル作品のリリースで知られる台湾の優良レーベルSyncoからの一枚。作曲家 城振銘が手掛けた中国各地の民謡や伝統を取り入れたアンビエント/ニューエイジ作品。B1/A3を筆頭に伝統的な旋律やオリエンタルな音色を残しながらも深みを持った完成度の高いサウンドにも驚かされます。

A1 - 當隔拉

A3 - 鋤油蔴

A5 - 妹妹想死你

B1 - 小郎親