Carol Escoffier – Kumkwaya

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Label:Not On Label – CE 1


Used LP 1985
Disc:VG+ (slight surface noise at mainly quiet part, good shape overall)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears/scuffs, not bad condition overall)

French SSW/pianist Carol Escoffier’s private album in 1985. It features 10 tracks ranging from fusion to waltz, Latin, bossa nova with languorous/melancholy and seductive vocals and backing from talented musicians such as Alain Jean-Marie, Benoît Widemann (ex-Magma), Roger Raspail (ex-Fabriano Fuzion), François Laizeau. The title track "Kumkwaya" flows slowly with comfortable percussion and piano, and the sparkling bubbling synth part in the middle is irresistible, elegant jazzy waltz "Pretty", soft bossa-style "Synday Cruise" with its unique use of synths, the beautiful jazz vocal "Citadelle", and stylish track "Taxi" which starts with the hustle and bustle of the city and sings with her own Fender Rhodes. Simply quality that is unusual for self-produced album, with a glimpse of an island atmosphere. The cover is also lovely.

フランス人SSW/ピアニストCarol Escoffierが85年に残した自主制作盤。物憂げで魅惑的なヴォーカルにAlain Jean-Marie, Benoît Widemann (ex Magma), Roger Raspail (ex Fabriano Fuzion), François Laizeauなど実力派が参加したバッキングの元、フュージョンからワルツ、ラテン、ボサノバまで全10曲。心地よいパーカッション、ピアノと共にゆったりと時間が流れ、中盤の煌めくシンセパートでノックアウトなタイトル曲”Kumkwaya”、エレガントなジャジーワルツ”Pretty"、ユニークなシンセ/オルガン使いも印象的なソフトボッサ調”Synday Cruise”、美しいジャズ・ボーカル曲”Citadelle”、街の喧騒から始まり自らのフェンダーローズと共に歌う洒落た”Taxi”。アイランド的な雰囲気も漂いながら自主盤らしからぬクオリティを持った秀作です。ジャケも素敵。

A2 - Kumkwaya

A4 - Pretty

A5 - What Happened To Us

B3 - Step A Little Closer

B4 - Citadelle

B5 - Taxi