Carlos Patrício & Bando – Vertente

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Label:Musicarte – LPM-86-01


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (good shape overall, slight surface noise at some quiet parts)

Jacket:VG+/VG (small punch hole and marks the upper laminate had been removed, check photos)

1986 album by singer-songwriter Carlos Patrício from Porto Alegre, who formed a unique music scene in that region. The album features acoustic sounds that combine the rich musical soil of Brazil with out-freak sense typified by Caetano Veloso and Walter Franco. In particular, last track "Vertente" which features child's voice narrated using Waterphone, and flow of the A-side include mellow folk "Parto" with tasteful vocals, "Procura" and "Musicarte", both of which have a folklore-like indigenous and organic feel. The pleasant sensation gradually seeps in. 

その土地柄独特な音楽シーンを形成したポルトアレグレのSSW Carlos Patrícioが残した86年作。ブラジルな豊かな音楽土壌にCaetano VelosoやWalter Francoに代表されるアウトフリークな感覚を持ち合わせたアコースティックサウンドを全編に収録。中でもラストに収録のWaterphoneを用いた引き語りに子供の声が入る”Vertente”、味わい深いヴォーカルのメロウフォーク”Parto”、フォルクローレ的土着感覚や有機感覚を感じ取れる”Procura”と”Musicarte”の両曲を含むA面の流れが秀逸。じわじわとその気持ちよさが浸透してきます。少し変わった趣向のブラジルものお探しの方にも。

A1 - Parto

A2 - Procura

A3 - Musicarte

A4 - Chuva E Silêncio

A5 - ...É Poesia

B2 - Lenga-lenga

B5 - Vertente