Carlos Pacini – Mahadeva

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Label:Not On Label – 998. 014-1

Used LP 1991

Disc:VG+ (feel light surface noise, looks clean, strongly good category as Brazilian record) 

Jacket:VG (tape repair on left side of sleeve, scuffs, light wears)

Carlos Pacini, a musician/philosopher/author from Natividade, which is said to maintain one of the best ecosystems in Brazil. From an early age, while studying art, composition, philosophy, and literature in earnest, he belonged to a guru position from the rise of the New Age movement in the late 80s. He seemed to realize the power of music as well as words, and although there were some gospel-style releases at that time, this 1991 release developed a more spiritual style. The improvisational electronic acostic sounds ingredients of the title and indigenous Brazilian are combined with a sense of cosmic in the seven tracks recorded by one person in multiple recordings. A wonderful piece that can be seen as a genealogy of Hermeto Pascoal, Egberto Gismonti, Fernando Falcão.

ブラジルでも有数の生態系を維持していると言われるナティヴィダーデ出身の音楽家/哲学者/作家 Carlos Pacini。幼い頃から芸術、作曲、哲学、文学を本格的に学びながら80年代後半にニューエイジ運動の隆起から教祖的な立場に属してようです。言葉と同様に音楽が持つ力を実感していたようでその頃にもゴスペル調のリリースもしてますが91年発表の本作ではよりスピリチュアルな作風に発展。タイトルにも表れる即興的な電子音響とブラジルの土着成分に宇宙感覚を加味した一人多重録音による全7曲。Hermeto Pascoal, Egberto Gismonti, Fernando Falcãoの系譜としても捉えられるべき作品です。たまりません。

A1 - Improviso I: Krishna

A2 - Improviso II: Indra

B1 - Improviso IV: Buda

B2 - Improviso V: Caitanya

B3 - Improviso VI: Rama