Candy Asada = キャンディー浅田 – Welcome Back.... To You

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Label:Atlantic – L-12522


Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+ (some hairlines but not affect to sound, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light brown wear) w/insert, missing obi

Jazz vocalist Candy Asada's probably only album in 1982. Katsumi Horii, Yoichi Takizawa, and Kengo Kurozumi participated in this album. It's full of good jazzy tunes with an elegant atmosphere, including the floor-like B4 "Good Night" by Katsumi Horii and Yoichi Takizawa, the AOR tune "No, No, Darling" by Kengo Kurozumi, and the floor-like Mellow boogie "Roppongi Blues Street". TIP!

堀井勝美、滝沢洋一、黒住憲吾が参加したジャズヴォーカリスト キャンディー浅田の82年のおそらく唯一作。エレガントな雰囲気のジャジーな良曲満載の一枚で、中でもフロアライクな堀井勝美と滝沢洋一が手掛けたB4"Good Night"、黒住憲吾手掛けたAORチューン”No, No, Darling”、メロウ・ブギー”六本木ブルース通り”などオススメ。推薦盤。

A2 - No, No, Darling

A5 - 六本木ブルース通り

B4 - Good Night