Cameron Allan – 35,000ft

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Label:Virgin – VOZ2011


Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (looks perfect but feel surface noise as quiet record, guess from pressing)

Jacket:VG+ (only light minor wears, totally clean) w/inner sleeve

Australian-born composer/film director Cameron Allan. He began his musical career as a teenager before turning to filmmaking, and has also done label activities to raise funds for film production and has produced many works. This work is thought to be one of the soundtracks released in 1987. Creating a stateless soundscape that gives a glimpse into his imagination through the sounds of pianos, electronic, recorded materials, and percussion instruments. It also gives the impression of being well thought out, which is no wonder that the soundtracks made up a large portion of his own collection. it’s wonderful as a total work including the artwork.

オーストラリア生まれの作曲家/映画監督Cameron Allan。10代の頃より音楽活動をしながら映画製作に転向、その資金調達の為にレーベル活動も行いながらプロデュース作品も数多く残しています。本作は87年に発表されたサントラのひとつと思われる作品。ピアノ、電子機器、録音素材、打楽器の音を通して氏のイマジネーションの一端を覗き見るような無国籍なサウンドスケープが広がっています。自身のコレクションもサウンドトラックが多くを占めていたというのも頷ける、しっかりと練り込まれた印象も受けます。いつまでもぼんやりとふけっていたいような。アートワーク含めひとつの芸術作品としても素晴らしいです。

A3 - Women's Voices

A4 - Piano Souvenir

A6 - Big Sleep

B1 - Tango BW

B2 - Hindu Temple

B3 - Souvenir