Cam Shearer – Shearer Delight

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Label:Berandol – BER 9092


Used LP 1981

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wrinkles, not bad condition)

The only work by Canadian keyboardist/engineer Cam Shearer. An electronic music collection that seems to have been produced while being involved in many works since the 70's, and has all his hobbies and tastes, including cosmic, new age, fusion, and even game music. The album includes the electronic fusion "Glory Of The Terrestial," the gimmicky cosmic new age "Thief In The Night," and the synth-electric "Delight In The Law. The unique rhythmic work and homemade texture are also very appealing.

カナダ人キーボード奏者/エンジニアCam Shearerによる唯一作。70年代から数多くの作品に関与する傍ら制作されていたと思われ、コズミック、ニューエイジ、フュージョン、まるでゲーム音楽のようなものまで彼の趣味嗜好を全てそそぎ込んだような電子音楽集。電子打ち込みフュージョン"Glory Of The Terrestial"、ギミックの効いたコズミック・ニューエイジ"Thief In The Night"、シンセ・エレクトリック"Delight In The Law"を収録。面白いリズムワークやホームメイドな質感もグッときます。

A1 - Delight In The Law

A2 - Thief In The Night

B1 - Mystery Of The Woman

B3 - Glory Of The Terrestial

B5 - Twinkling Of An Eye