Cabrakan - S.T.

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Label:Disfal S.R.L. – DFN 5002


Used LP 1975

Disc:VG+/VG (feel light surface noise (A1/B1 are more noisy a bit), please check audio samples, strongly not bad condition)

Jacket:VG+ (scuffs/wrinkles, small tag on back)

1974 album by Cabrakan, a folklore jazz group with members connected to Leda Valladares and Lito Vital. The spirituality and sense of experimentation are even more intense than on the previous album. All contents are interesting, particularly "Lamento En Vidala" with its powerful vocals, the long experimental jazz "Cabrakan," and the spiritual folklore jazz "La Redota" are highly recommended. This feeling that cannot be expressed in a single word, which is a combination of various elements. Amazing.

Leda ValladaresやLito Vital周辺とコネクトするメンバーを擁するフォルクローレ・ジャズ・グループCabrakanの74年作。前作にも増してスピリチュアリティ、実験感覚が増した印象。どの曲も興味深いですが、迫力あるヴォーカルが彩る”Lamento En Vidala”、長尺のエクスペリメンタル・ジャズ”Cabrakan”、スピリチュアル・フォルクローレ・ジャズ”La Redota”はオススメ。一筋縄でいかないこの感じ。Ciclo 3作品が好きな方にも推薦。

A1 - Lamento En Vidala (vidala)

A2 - Chaya a la Rústica

A4 - Cabrakan

B1 - La Redota (milonga)

B2 - Zamba Ida

B3 - Gato Block Cinco

B5 - Zamba Del Plata