Brother Resistance – Touch De Earth Wid Rapso

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Label:Riddum Distribution Network – RDN 025

Country:Trinidad & Tobago

Used LP 1991

Disc:VG+ (B-side has slight wrapped not affect to sound, totally good shape, only feel slight surface noise at quiet part) 

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wears, strongly good condition)

Trinidadian music Rapso developed out of the social unrest of the 1970s and is a hybrid of soca, rap, reggae, disco, funk, and more. This is 1991 work by Brother Resistance, one of the representative artists. Musician/engineer Martin 'Mice' Raymond, who has worked extensively in the UK, is co-producing and presenting a wider range of tracks than the previous album. Two of the best examples of that Influences are B1 "Glory Of Kings" with dope veibes and excellent steelpan tones and A3 "Mother Earth," balearic-type tune with impressive synth tones. The dance tracks, including the spacey rapso A2 "Nation Time" and the reggae-soca style B2 "Comin Home," are also sure to be a hit. It's a great piece of post-90's sophistication and rapso possibilities.

1970年代の社会不安から発展し、ソカ、ラップ、レゲエ、ディスコ、ファンクなどをハイブリッドしたトリニダッド音楽Rapso。その代表的なアーティストのひとりBrother Resistanceによる91年作。英国で幅広く活動したミュージシャン/エンジニアのMartin 'Mice' Raymondが共同プロデュースを務め前作より更に幅広い楽曲を披露しています。その最たる例に映るスティールパンの音色が涼し気に鳴るB1”Glory Of Kings”、シンセの音色が印象的なバレアリック・チューンA3”Mother Earth”の2曲が秀逸。もちろん宇宙感覚のラプソA2”Nation Time”やレゲエ・ソカ調のB2”Comin Home”を筆頭にダンストラックも間違いないです。90年以降の洗練とラプソの可能性を感じるような素晴らしい一枚。

A1 - Bounce An' Prance

A2 - Nation Time

A3 - Mother Earth

B1 - Glory Of Kings

B2 - Comin Home

B3 - How Yuh Like It